Abwehr data


based on Rudolf Staritz's (German language) summary of 2001



with some recent information

based on my (intriguing) researches

between 2017 and 2019


Status: 5 July 2019


Rudolf Staritz may be regarded being the last living wartime Abwehr W/T operator,

who really operated on many places.

He still possesses the active HAM call-sign: DL3CS

His age is now (5 July 2019) 97 years old and, he, Deo volente, should reach 98 later this year.

What is for us (still) most relevant, is, that his "grey cells" apparently are still working well.


My commitments were once triggered after a conversation held on late April 2015, in Bamberg.

Since, an overwhelming bulk of materials have been accumulated (and still does),

which folder content has passed >> 87 GB, amongst > 70,000 genuine document pages; mainly obtained from the British National Archives. Albeit, that I have to admit, that I haven't digested them all. As still subjects being open, for study.

All facilitated in the beginning by my very good friend Phil Judkins; who copied documents which weren't accessible on the web. Albeit that since the KV 2/xxx series are now nearly completely obtainable (> 4000 file series).


Since we possess an unprecedented inside vision of what happened within M.I.5 and maybe a bit less M.I.6 as well as often several versions of interrogation reports.


I suppose - most of you might have followed the courses of subjects on our website;

which have become a bit confusing.

I therefore would like to create, in due course, a special dedicated webpage where all Abwehr (espionage) related subjects we have dealt with can (systematically) be found. 




Die Funk-Zuständigkeiten des militärischen Geheimdienstes der „Abwehr“


This reproduction, is accomplished in the former German language spelling; and I have followed Staritz's genuine layout.


By Arthur O. Bauer