Zur Geschichte der militärischen Radaranwendung in der Schweiz

Vorgeschichte und erste Generation Frühwarn-Radar bis ca. 1960

By Hans Jucker

(German language, pdf 1.6 MB)


We know Hans Jucker being the Radar - Specialist of Switzerland. Who remarkably shows a very good understanding of the historical context in which radar technology came into being in the 1930s and 1940s.


His present explication starts about 1933. He gives also a brief overview in the state of early radar affairs. Then he continues, with the circumstances in Switzerland, when World War Two started.



Sphinx_Observatorium; Hallicrafter receivers S27; US APR-4; B17G; AS-251/AP; Turbator; Brown Boveri; Dr. Fritz Lüdi; Oberst Carl Högger; ETH in Zürich; B-16G (Registration number 44-8187 of US Bomb Group 99 which landed in Dübendorf on 27 February 1945; Oberst Walter Burkhard; Prof. Tank; Ingenieure Jenny und Heierle; KTA; AN/APS-15; Klystron local oscillator 725A; Photos of the captured US radarset AN/APS-15



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