Messages where

Admiral Canaris' name, or cover-names,

had been once intercepted by




We like to show you a series of so-called Abwehr W/T

decrypts, collected within

the unique file

KV 3/3

The objective of this webpage, is to confront you with a series of intercepts,

made over the period of 19.5.1940 and up to late 1944.


Quite surprising - in the British National Archives we cannot trace a file on Germany's "Military Chief Secret Service Admiral Wilhelm Canaris".

Whereas, on the other hand, files exist on third class personalities.

However, a single "collection of pages" does exist - and these are just the subject of this webpage:



KV 3/3

Like I have done in various files before, available on our Website:

I copy text passages (sections) and supplementing transcriptions, including my comments; aiming herewith to enhance the implications of the subject.

This time I don't make selections, though, you will be confronted with the integral content albeit, that each W/T message being dealt with separately.


The advantage of this procedure, is, that it becomes digitally accessible (searchable), even on the web.

My comments can easily be recognised (distinguished);

as these are like:  (AOB, my comments)


This page has been initiated on 25 July 2018

Current status: 21 August 2018



1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5


As to enhance the understanding of some aspects have to be explained in some details.

For it, I would, Deo volente, like to introduce an additional Appendix chapter.



Generally, the German Abwehr (Intelligence Services and KOs) communicated regularly between their main W/T stations by means of fixed links.

Therefore, we should first have to notice the next Map which I have derived

from various sources.


It all started with file HW 19-332;

though, my friend Rudolf Staritz commented: it only covers South-East Europe, in particular

the Balkans!

In this period, our concern was mainly focussing at the KLATT-OSTRO-JOSEPHINE endeavour; thus I took up the challenge to extent the map incorporating Western-Europe, too.

Since recently, it even have been extended southwards to the South African Union and south-east towards Persia (Iran)!



The reconstructed "Deutsche-Funklinien" map

For those who want to reproduce it comprehensively, please click at the map, and it will open in PDF

You may duplicate this map for: none commercial purposes only! though with proper reference (please).


The communication links being designated with a: prefix and a / suffix number.

Albeit, that the prefix mostly designated (written) in Roman numbers and the suffix in Arabic numbers.

For me - not yet entirely clear: do we deal here with British link-designations or were they the genuine German nomenclatures?

I tend to believe: that the latter is valid.

The main Abwehr related centres of communication were:  Berlin, Hamburg and Vienna (Wien)


(the lower font numbers, used in these reproductions, are ours)






The number,  and the length, of the messages transferred are increasing quite significantly. The political implications is becoming apparent as well.


Some slight modifications have been introduced during the course of the creation process; as to make searching by means of other languages more easy. 

We will reach now the end of the to "Admiral Canaris" dedicated file series. Albeit, that, since 12th February 1944, he was suspended from his office, within communications his name, or codename, still being maintained. Maybe partially owing to the fact that not everyone knew the full facts; but also for reasons that no other new designation was yet known.   In September 1944, particularly his Spanish friends would desperately like to know about Canaris' well being. The tone from the now RSHA (SS) Stelle became increasingly harsh and merciless!



The "Canaris" related W/T traffic file is now completely available on our website.

Sometimes disappointing, is the fact that there is no response whatsoever.

Some might, nevertheless, be there - who would like to know more on these historical file series.

For your comfort you may contact us at:

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By Arthur O. Bauer