On 12 November 2011 the crate arrived in our museum containing the long awaited

Nachtfee apparatus (FuG 136)




Some queries are still unsolved


Photo copied from the EBay auction 2005

After we have obtained this device from the US, an important question remains; what means, written in red chalk, the designation: CT 3379? 3379 might be a running number, but what tells us the abridgement 'CT'     Could it be 'Captured Technology'??

As we have to distinguish where to start an archive search, this understanding could be very helpful for us. Maybe even finally decisively!


On 7 December Hans Jucker did sent me the following massage, which information is also creating an additional query:


Some 10 years ago I found the document “The High Frequency War by Lt. E.S. Henning A Survey of German Electronic Development” at the  Electronics Museum Baltimore.

This summary report was released on 4 June 1946 and distributed to a handpicked group of American Defence Electronics manufacturer - its actually one of the most comprehensive summary of German WWII Electronic Developments I ever have seen. I dont know whether the National Archieves possess a cross reference onto the JEIA nomenclature ? However, file “Command transmission sets JEIA 10262” is dated on 9 March 1945.

The only information obtained from the Web using Google provides:

Report No. F-SU-1109-ND. Dayton Ohio.  U.S. Army Air Forces, May 10, 1946


Does some of our website visitors have a copy of it, maybe only the page on which Nachtfee or that like is dealt with?



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