Exhibits details 11a


Gemse receiver

The I.F.F. (IFF) ground receiver

was also operated in conjunction to EGON


Measuring their own bearing and range by means of secundary radar technique

even various Nachtfee signals relied upon it.



Type number plate(lable or sticker) belonging to our newly obtained Gemse apparatus, Stock-number Ln 20930, construction drawing: 124 - 121 A-2; Hersteller 'eas' stood for Siemens and points to the actual manufacturer

It is known, that its concept originates from Gema



Bu 3 is the symmetric antenna connector

The hand-written number '928' might indicate a production tag- or lot number.



Gemse front panel

The two circular discs are the frequency tuning and for the sensitivity control. The construction has two advantages, that tuning is done only deliberately; and also allows tuning via a semi-watertight cover-panel. However, this later version was only used on ships.



Front panel being removed

The lower tuning is for setting frequency, the upper for sensitivity.



Viewing the left-hand side of the Gemse receiver



Left-hand side cover plate being taken off

Just down the single empty valve socket, we see the connection onto the wobble motor (Ferraris type, needing and additional 90 shifted voltage).



The right-hand side of the Gemse receiver, in particular meant for selecting the wobble-mode (wide- or small-band search)



Viewing the HF tuning section of the Gemse receiver


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