The Navigational Beam System

"Elektra - Sonne"

FIAT 1105

The drawings and schematics are collected within a separate PDF document as their drawings are about size A3. The divided A4 sheets schematics, are both making a single A3. These, nevertheless, are part of the main FIAT 1105 file; though, the drawing pages are overlapping one another.


FIAT 1105 drawings


Office of Military Government For Germany (US)

Field Information Agency Technical


Maybe the best way introducing Elektra - Sonne is reading what the following text is telling us.


Particularly Sonne was widely appreciated navigational aid on both side of the wartime frontline. It was copied by the Britain as well and resulted in the "Bush Mill" station. About a decade ago an old KLM operator told me that they used it in the 1950s (maybe 1960s as well) rather frequently on their flight from Schiphol to New York v.v. They used the station near Stavanger in Norway.

In the 1990s I have had contact with someone who during the war flew long range flights along the French coast hunting for U-boats. He told me that British long range navigational aids into that direction were not reliable. The Germans also erected a Sonne station near Vigo in Northern Spain.  

Its main designer was Dr. Goldmann on behalf of the C. Lorenz Company (although, he originally came from Siemens). Not well known, is the fact that private persons, when engaged in industry, were not free to change from one company to another. There must have been greater interest dealt with.  


This report goes into the depth of the theory as well as technology.  

For those looking for what "Elektra and Sonne" actually was about, please notice first my paper on Navigational Aids  (Pages 17 - 22)





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