Theory of the Reflex Klystron

FIAT Final Report 1182


Office of Military Government for Germany (US)


Field Information Agency Technical

Date 3 June 1947


Our aim of publishing this report is only showing that Dr. Doering, later Prof., was scientifically engaged with the theory of Klystron not long after the Varian Brothers published about it for the first time. These publication were well known in Germany before the war.


Quoting from its introduction: The development of Klystron was started in Germany about 1939 and extended research was carried on during the war. However, Klystron RD 12 La developed by the author, was the only type which has been used in the army. ...

Dr. H. Doering was born in 1911, graduated in 1936, from the Institute of Technology, Vienna, majoring in ultra high frequency technic. ...



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