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a quite tragic Argentinean


Who was sent from Argentina to Spain

as an diplomatic envoy on behalf of the Argentinean Government

in October 1943.

He was arrested onboard the Spanish ship:

Cabo de Hornos

albeit in the possession of a legal Argentinean diplomatic passport.


There occurred in the course of this story very strange



Hellmuth was being arrested without British Secret Services possessed sound knowledge,

as they had hoped for the fact that Hellmuth possessed also a German nationality.

Which wasn't the case, but no reason for reconsidering the circumstances.


What is appalling, in my perception, the ignorance of the facts.


The British Secret Services, in both World Wars, acted in many respects without a full  legal authorisation.

Even when this was challenged, in this case by the British Home Office, they did not accept, and went on with their handlings.

This behaviour is not the only disgusting events, there are more examples, proving the systematic breaching, of often international agreements.

They handled as if they "Ruled the Waves" which the actually did.

The main problem might have been that the Anglo-Saxons are lacking a  "Fundamental-Constitution"  (Grundgesetz).

For those wanting to enter into these aspect: I would like to invite you to study, for example:


But also consider the Hentig case, mainly playing during the first world-war and beyond.




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Osmar Alberto Hellmuth

As so often in extensive files, related personalities being part of these files too.



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Juan Harnisch, a long standing friend of Hellmuth



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Actually it was Harnisch who has brought Hellmuth in touch with the Argentinean Government

Consequently, sent on a diplomatic mission to Europe. 


KV 2/1722-1724-Hellmuth-Argentina




By Arthur O. Bauer