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Guenther (Günther) Stracke


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This contribution is on the line of forgoing KV 2/ xxx document series.


Copying genuine text passages and adding transcripts and/or comments, always recognisable: like (AOB, my momment).

This time we focus on an intriguing story about the Oberfunkmeister (Chief Spark) Guenther Stracke

He served as a wireless (W/T) operator on board the “Passim”, a sailing vessel as it was known.

This vessel was required on behalf of the German Intelligence in France.

There apparently exist very few publications on this quite spectacular story, but the French author Saint-Loup published a book: Hitler’s Geisterschiffe.

Whether an English language version does exist is out of my knowledge.

Like always, when the successful German endeavours had been captured (interrupted) by Allied Naval actions, it is, in my perception, most likely that Hollywood would have created a successful film scenario about it.

But it went not like this.

This does not imply that it would be a good idea to let you approach this story briefly by means of British and partly US interrogation reports.

Maybe it might sound a bit chaotic, but look at it as “being a teaser”.


They accomplished three rather successful trips to the South African Continent and to South America, mainly Argentine. No weapons being involved, as the sailing vessel was camouflaged as being a regular foreign fishing vessel.


KV 2/2294 -1-4

on the “Passim” mainly relying on Guenther Stracke’s interrogations.

However, more PoWs had been involved in this file series, which in some way might confusing you, when Guenther Stracke not being referred onto, they often note: PW a - PW d.  

after you have finished the foregoing file, please approach then the file below.



KV 2/1975 von Obstlt. von Bohlen

Intriguing findings on 17/18 May 2020


By Arthur O. Bauer