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Jakobs (Jacobs) Josef

 KV 2/24

PF 55039


This file series is, like most wartime espionage files, rather dramatic.


Josef Jakobs (Jacobs)

was dropped over English territory near Ramsey, during the night of 30 Jan. / 1 Feb.. 1941.

He landed already with a broken ankle, and he as he arrived during darkness, he covered himself with his parachute as to withstand the

cold nightly environment.


What is making maters like in Jakobs' case quite mournful, is that M.I. 5 approached every alien, as being the most lying person.

So far understandable.

But, even when evidence was encountered that he had told them the truth, they did not acknowledge it, for safety reasons.


Secondly, annoying: is, more serious - is the fact that they were still angry about the fact that formerly Pons (and one unknown yet to me)

   Where the Jury expressed serious doubt about one of the Treachery Act 1940 accusations;

resulting in a verdict of: Not guilty.

But, internal fears manipulations were now commenced on their (M.I.5's) as to prevent - that a Jury again would handle so "stupidly"!

This is wonderfully reflected within Part II

where we find, for example a letter with the notice: By Hand.


At the end of Part II we also find Jakobs' (Jacobs') German language history of himself. Likely he got a chance, to write down on a typewriter his backgrounds; I suppose quite shortly after he had been captured.

He had been quite brave during WW I; where he gained an EK 2 and EK 1.

During 1914 - 1918 its value was regarded far higher than during the Wehrmacht episode.



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I choose this photo, but in the file we also rncounter one without spectacles

But, among his captured personal belongings was found also a spectacle-etui.


Another photo, which bothered M.I.5 quite much was a photo of a pretty sexy lady. 



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According to the M.I.5 file here name was: Klärchen Bauerle  (Clara Bauerle) (according to: KV 2/30-1, page 40: Klara Sophie Bauerle)

Apparently Jakobs' mistress.





I would like to approach next, the already pointed at: Karl (Karel) Richter file series, as they had some in common. Like: both men were before being dropped over England - they spent some time at The Hague in the Netherlands; and their aircraft left from the Amsterdam Schiphol airport. (in those day still a quite small one, albeit, the biggest one in The Netherlands)


By Arthur O. Bauer