KV 2/283


Dr. Hermann Goeritz

Vice Consul


Tanger (Tangier)


Page constituted on 3 December 2018


The main part of this document relies upon selected

British RSS (Radio Security Service) intercepts

RSS, to my knowledge, intercepted mainly German Intelligence communications;

these intercepts had, of course, to be deciphered first.

In my perception, one of the greatest, maybe even decisive, achievements of the Second World War.


Without explanations, these intercepts are to a great extent useless; due to the very many cover-names involved.

My additional explanations being marked like: (AOB, my comment), albeit that I sometimes add directly the explanation like, for example: Burg (=Berlin), because its frequently turning up.


What is the purpose of this new contribution?

The great many W/T messages, are passing on an understanding of their daily practises.

For me it has become apparent, that direct Intelligence had been handled via different channels.

These gathered RSS intercepts, had been once selected (in post war days) out of the "huge bulk" of existing intercepts, with the objective: covering just the particular intercepts which provides a connection onto the existence of "Dr. Herman Goeritz"; including his various cover-names.


These messages (W/T telegrams) provides a good understanding of what happened during the course of the war.

It was not violent, because the Abwehr did not carry weapons, but carefully digesting these messages, gives, at least in my perception, an understanding of the German KO organisation.

The so-called: Kriegsorganisation was an  Intelligence organisation particularly established in friendly, mostly neutral, countries, as, for instance, in Spain and Portugal; but also elsewhere.

However, our focus, this time, pointing at the Iberian Peninsula and their possessions in North Africa.

 Tanger (Tangier) and Tetuan, were places of interest for all belligerents.


After having digested these pages seriously, you certainly will have got a better understanding of what played on the none glamorous front of boring intelligence.

My additional comment will support your understanding, as it passes on side- and background information; which nowhere else can be found.

This knowledge is increasingly accumulating due to my several years lasting commitments, since my first huge project on:


Unlike, most researchers, I have been able to collect > 50,000 document pages, and other references (> 68 GB data); since my several years lasting engagement. Being since quite long retired, in the position of spending most of my time on these related very subjects.


Enjoy reading this file:

KV 2/283 on Dr. Hermann Goeritz,

Vice Consul, in Tanger (Tangier) North Africa




By Arthur O. Bauer