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Status: 13 June 2020



PowerPoint presentations were held some years ago


Since I have access to the stats program provided by my web host:

I know since 2 June 2020 - about the most popular pages visited;

and among it constantly is: "Mammut-Wassermann"


Therefore I have decided that it does really make sense to

prepare my PowerPoint presentation for the web in a  mp4  format.


My presentation lasts almost two hours, but can be interrupted at will, of course.


I would like to explain two matters dealt with which processes are rather complicated to understand.




Not well understood by most people, is, the way a radiation pattern engenders.


Its process is mathematically rather complex; briefly: an antenna array consequently consists of the electro-magnetic fields generated by each separate radiation element (read radiating construction).

Each element is creating an electromagnetic field around itself.

To explain it simple, these field component will interfere with the other field components also generated at the same time (due to distance to one another - might be delayed).

Each field at a particular point, possesses a particular field (radiation) vector.

Consequently, in an array, these field vectors with interfere with the other field vectors generated by all other elements involved.

Let is now, for simplicity, consider that these field vectors are possessing a positive sign or a negative sign - at a certain instant.

In this, hypothetical case, summation will be taking place.

Resulting in a remaining field (vector) pattern.

Again, hypothetically, there will engender spaces of increased field-strengths and sectors with reduced field sectors.

Viewing (considering) it from some distance, theoretically λ/2π, but effectively we should thinking of several wavelength (λ) before the well known kinds of field patterns will engender.


In front of an antenna (array) the true radiation pattern can be recorded.

The pattern (lines) shown, are the result of considering points with equal field-strengths.

All phased arrays - are also causing so-called side-lobes, thus sectors were some form of summation takes place, but of minor value.

Nowadays, the high art - is to design an array such that the side-lobes radiated will be as low as practically possible.


In my presentation, towards the end, I spoke about the (EM) wave getting their relation such that the E/H first is getting a 90 degrees difference between the existing Electro- and Magnetic field components.

In the far field E/H components will possess an interaction such that E/H is equal to 120 π  ohms ≈ 377 Ω



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I would like to excuse for the fact - that I noticed that the GAF Mammut (F) used three pylons, please understand: that the Luftwaffe, due to its much wider constructions relied upon four  pylons and the Kriegsmarine version, being maximally ca 10 metres broad could rely upon 3 mounting pylons only.



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