Nachtfee Seminar Event

held on

25 November 2017

Page Status:   3 December 2017

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I have especially asked Anton Kroes to take pictures, because I consider it worthwhile to keep alive memories.

Attending were about 45 persons

Of whom most particularly attended for the Nachtfee Seminar 2017


this PowerPoint lecture has been re-recorded:

 Nachtfee Seminar lecture on mp4 format film



Finding a seat for the first Nachtfee lecture (Dutch language)

Some names I know instantly: Peter Eijlander, Luca Fusari, Peter Kievits, Bernhard Terlingen, more in the rear: Henk Peek, Phil Judkins, Rommert, Gerard Vos, Yves Blanchard ...

The presentation started about 11.30

As to support the audience in understanding my presentation, I have prepared a hand-out showing the principle Nachtfee Console Phase-shifters and on the rear a block diagram on the principle system sections involved within the combination of Nachtfee combined with EGON

The two drawings of the concerned had-out


For those interested fully in PDF:

Nachtfee Seminar Hand-out



The hand-outs allowed frequent pointing at the interactions of the three sine-wave phase-shifters involved, then having to jump between context and Nachtfee basics time-and-again



About myself no comments



No comments either






Apparently a screen shot of a demonstration film

Viewing the typical video player task bar below 



Reading the block schematic from the projector screen isn't too bad



Standing on the left Andries, my wife Karin and Paul Reuvers; in front Frans de Haan and just on the far left Carsten Hauke

I guess, just covered: Derk Rouwhorst, a Foundation Board Member, as by the way, are my wife Karin and Paul Reuvers too.



On the left-hand side the Nachtfee operational demonstrations took place

Job Vermeulen a frequent visitor in discussion with Paul Reuvers.

On the right in front Wouter Elsinga our volunteer acting as 'door watch'. 



Gerard Vos and Harry Wilmink


Hans Goulooze explains Phil Judkins the FuBl 2 test set PSU-B, which causes us some problems



Erwin, a contributor to the Wijk aan Zee group, gave me, most kind, a book on the wartime days of Castricum and a compilation on knowledgeable bits and pieces; as well as some genuine cable pieces



Viewing inside Dick Zijlman's restricted area!

Actually, I cannot judge whether some are against Dick's ruling sitting around the kitchen table.

Antoon Steenbakkers in discussion with Paul Reuvers and my wife Karin with Carsten Hauke from Germany.

Dick told me that 60 rolls had been eaten for lunchtime. Whereas Paul and Marc brought a especially backed cake and some 'petit-fours' marked on top with N/F; which, by the way, tasted, wonderful! 



Demonstrations were also given



Theo Faber did his damm best to interview me, as well as he tried to make a video recording during my English language lecture

I feel ashamed, that his commitments might have been in vain.

My lecture might have lasted too long for a smooth video-film and my response on to his interview might have been too brief.



 Apparently Bernard had a difficult choice to make



The already noticed 'petit-four' marked with N/F (which stands for Nachtfee), which latter tasted  more than wonderful!



Bernhard, Harry and Rommert in discussion (I have to apologise for forgetting the other one's name)



My English language lecture started in the afternoon 



The lighting was improved particularly for Theo Faber's video recordings, quite some attended the second presentation as well

Just in front: Andries van Bronckhorst, who most kindly went through the rough version of 'Radio Malabar' in Spring 2006

What becomes clear reviewing the lecture slides, is, that the audience attention was captured virtually constantly!

What can be whished for more?



Clear is, that the hand-outs fulfilled their purpose as was hoped for

Henk Peek just in front next to him the partner of Theo Faber.



No comments  



39 years ago Frans de Haan did his HTS 'Praktikum' in my company lab



Demonstrating our simulated Nachtfee FuG 136 aircraft display

The dashes originating from the simulated EGON signal. 



Antoon Steenbakkers swith his most rare Siemens R IV receiver

This receiver relied to some extent on the HRO principle. Albeit, not relying on imported genuine HRO components like tuning capacitors with accompanied tuning dial; but fit with a Siemens made equivalent and a coil-box inserted from the top.

Most Abwehr wireless stations were equipped just with R IV receivers.

Quite some work has to be accomplished still.

Which we would like to commence in respect to the next year planned "Spy message event"; initiated by Rudolf Staritz. Between European continental HAMs versus British HAM decrypting. For it, all should operate the same materials.

I consider it being quite an interesting challenge! 



My Nachtfee Seminar'17 lecture on PDF  Given on 25th November 2017


Accompanied YouTube films:

Film 247    (263) Showing the simulated aircraft display and the implications of controlling the Phase-shifter A and/or the Order Phase-shifter B.

Film 248    (266) Noticing the Nachtfee console signal controls.


To be extended in due course


 By Arthur O. Bauer