Nachtfee Seminar lecture

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This Nachtfee Seminar was held on 25th November 2017


Current status: 8 March 2018



Please, copy these two next schemes first!

 The upper one I will name A, and the next one B


Plate side A

Showing us the distribution of operational sine-wave signal phase within the Nachtfee console.



Plate side B

Showing to us, the Nachtfee operational schedule.

For obvious reasons, I have to refer to these two drawings frequently

Nachtfee Seminar Hand-out in PDF




This was the way I handled this double-side printed sheet, as to emphasise upon the particular implications in respect to the sine-wave distribution inside the Nachtfee console; as well as the way its distribution between Nachtfee-EGON and aircraft vv. had been accomplished.

Believe me, without it it would become rather difficult to grasp the essentials!


Nachtfee Seminar lecture

re-recorded on 7 March 2018


If you would like to (re-)enjoy the event on 25th of November 2017 again, please click at the next link





By Arthur O. Bauer