My wife Karin created this compilation

Maybe you will further down recognise where it have been compiled from.


This photo session is based on Anton Kroes' and my wife Karin's photos taken during the Open Day to the Public

held on Saturday 21 November 2015

This photo collection (selection) will become quite extensive, but on the other hand reflecting where some visitors were currently engaged with.


Due to additional photos and other means

Status: 1 February 2016


Very enjoyable was, that quite some arrived shortly after 10 o'clock and departed when I closed the street door after 18.00 hours!



All those attending had to register themselves. The only benefit - that I know how many have attended. I have not yet counted all, but we may estimate, say, 45 attendees.

This number is manageable, as I was able to talk with almost every visitor. A fact that was not always possible during our previous exhibition on Secret Communications; where some days we had to cope with about 100 guests! 


I have to apologise - that I cannot always recollect (remembering) all the visitor names; therefore names seemingly used randomly and others being (quasi) neglected.



Job Vermeulen, Paul Reuvers and ? engaged in a lively discussion (in the rear PA 2 AM)

(Courtesy Anton Kroes)

This photo reflects well what have been the cores of our Open Museum Day:-

Meeting up again and exchanging views and also information.

The advantage of this day was - that most visitors have seen one another before.



My wife Karin, Harry Wilmink, Bernhard ter Lingen and André

(Courtesy Anton Kroes)



This just shows what our museum is about, a place of gathering - but also getting the legal possibility studying details, Albert den Boer and Henk PA 0 ACC,  touching artefacts; of course, with care

(Courtesy Anton Kroes)



Marc apparently in a 'deep' discussion

(Courtesy Anton Kroes)



Max Ramali, our next door neighbour

(Courtesy Anton Kroes)

Photo may be a bit fuzzy, but it gives nevertheless a good impression 



Our friend Bernhard ter Lingen (a good shot)

The brother of late Henk ter Lingen

 (Courtesy Anton Kroes)



Hans Goulooze with whom I have had once an exceptional encounter, which we recently discovered took place in Spring 1967!

 (Courtesy Anton Kroes)

On 7 June at a rally held in Hoederloo, Hans did ask me - why is it hören and on the other hand Funk-Horch?

He told me rather proudly, that he possess a nice Funkhorch type  c. In the course of our conversation he mentioned that he once possessed a Funkhorch receiver combined with a DF-Goniometer scale. I replied, that this only might have been type a/b or c. A kind of flash in my brains appeared and I did ask him:- have you ever lived on a canal-boat in the Da Costakade in Amsterdam? He replied - Yes.

I told him that it was me who once bought his Funkpeil a/b in Spring 1967! I remember even that I paid him 75 Dutch guilders; bridging a time-span between 1967 and June 2015! What a wonderful coincidence!



Peter Zijlstra is now the proud owner of a Funkhorch d type receiver and we were discussing where an apparent control being meant for

 (Courtesy Anton Kroes)


Peter is one of the rare guys who makes systems operational. Like he once accomplished with operating his own GEE system.

He had asked me whether it does make sense to bring along a kind of replica or interpretation of the Urechse S 62d module (copied from photos on our website). I replied:- of course this makes sense.



Peter Zijlstra shows proudly his creation

Anton Kroes expressed his artistic vision.



 I guess - Peter is a bit tired

 (Courtesy Anton Kroes)



Jan Beijer - the SRS chairman is registering himself. Just next of him his son

(Courtesy Anton Kroes)

In the rear Dick Zijlmans, who apparently left his 'holy' but restricted kitchen domain!

On 29 November 2015 Wouter Elzinga gave me a DVD full of pictures of which I selected one showing what our Rariteitencabinet is about.


This rarity exhibits always attracts in some respect someone's interest

(Courtesy Wouter Elsinga)

His NIKON camera automatic system might have suffered from confusing sorts of light; TL (fluorescence) as well as daylight.







Phil Judkins and Paul Reuvers in discussion

(Courtesy Anton Kroes)


My wife Karin has a penchant for artistic photo compilations




Karin's creation, combining one of here favoured matters with current photos of Andries and Marc

(Courtesy my wife Karin)



This is where is originates from

(Courtesy my wife Karin)



Hans Coelers PA 0 AAJ   

Our exhibition tables being separated in such a manner - that also disabled can conveniently move around between the artefacts.

(Photo taken by my wife Karin)



Our friend Fred and Nick Roe in a vivid conversation

(Courtesy my wife Karin)



Having a discussion with Gerrit-Jan Huysman (PA 0 GJH and PA 0 AOB)

(Courtesy my wife Karin)



Bernhard is always our welcome guest

(Courtesy my wife Karin)




Dick Zijlmans in his 'holy domain', Anton Kroes got the rare permission to enter it!

(Courtesy my wife Karin)


On 24 November 2015

I received a bunch of photos on behalf of Hans Coelers PA 0 AAJ

His comment, the photos have been taken with my telephone, maybe the quality is a bit minor.

However, I am pleased with his contribution, because it reflects more than the other photos the gatherings.



(Courtesy Hans Coelers, PA 0 AAJ)




(Courtesy Hans Coelers, PA 0 AAJ)



(Courtesy Hans Coelers, PA 0 AAJ)

The staircase was meant for looking inside the SK3 transmitter module, mounted on the PT 10 rack; which is fit with a conical variometer.




About 14.30 my lecture or talk started on:



Compulsive Hoarding





The converted lecture room was completely filled - no seat was left

(Courtesy Anton Kroes)



(Courtesy Anton Kroes)


On 2 December, I received from Gerard Vos a CD filled with many artefact photos. I have asked my wife Karin which one of myself can be attached onto this webpage:



Herewith her choice 

(Courtesy Gerard Vos)



My closing slide

(Courtesy Anton Kroes)


My presentation is also accessible in a ppt → PDF conversion.


After its conclusion:



Jan Beijer, the SRS chairman gave me a SRS badge; but highly delighted:- he made me a 'life member' of the SRS, with the obligation to continue with what we are doing!

He could not have given me a better gift!