Rote Drei



espionage network


operating in Switzerland





KV 2/1611 series  (Foote's)


as well as

KV 2/1627 (Roessler's)


On Rudolf Roessler (Rössler)



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Current status:  22 July 2019


The first document series is mainly dedicated to

Alexander Allan Foote

an ominous W/T operator

working in Switzerland

Foote was already in the 1930s left wing orientated


became a "brigadier"

on the Communist side

during the Spanish Civil War in the second half of the 1930s.

Albeit, that he volunteered 


in the R.A.F.

where he signed in fore 6 years, in 1935.

But already on 23.12.1936  he left, with others, England heading for Spain; hence deserting from the R.A.F.




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Alexander Rado

Was one of the most mystic personalities involved; his network became known as

Rote Drei

I suppose due to the three W/T operators involved.


Still a mystery, is - through which channel he got his highly relevant top secret OKH (Oberkommando des Heeres) directives, which generally weren't older than, say, one week, from Berlin!


Consider also the file dedicated to Roessler; Rado's main source of unique intelligence


An important channel went through Rudolf Roessler (Rössler); a German, albeit, that in his post-war file (not yet on the web) he was described being a Czech. The confusion might originate from the fact that Roessler (Rössler) once had been born in German or Austrian territory. But, after the World War One, due to promises made by the Britons and French, without consulting locals; territories were simply occupied by the new Czecho-Slovak Republic; partly known as Sudetenland.

However, since about 1933 Roessler's permanent residence was in Switzerland.




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Mme Rachel Duebendorfer @ Sissy

She played, in the background, a quite considerable role within the context of what became known as the

"Rote Drei"



The expression: "Rote Drei" might originate from the German "Amt IV" office.




The major other names involved: Rado; Ursula Kuczynski @ Sonia; Mme Duebendorfer, Roessler, Hamel, and others.









Rudolf Roessler alias "Lucie"

The most mysterious person


OKW strategical information

merely on a continual basis,

between 1941 and 1944




By Arthur O. Bauer