Secret Communications 3



16 November 2019

Photos taken by

Gerard Vos


Status: 25 November 2019



Gerard did caught me (AOB), standing in front of one of the German wartime scramblers 



Sitting next to our honoured guest Rudolf Staritz (my best friend), who, Deo volente, reaches 98 next month!



Job is quite often present



With the exception of Paul, all being members of the German visitors group



On the far left in the rear: Thomas; the lady is unknown to me; Rob van Gerner; and Raymond




??, Thomas, Willi and Ulli



Detlev Vreisleben



On the right-hand side Hans Goulooze



At least we know it delt with Enigma



Bart on the left



from left to right: me, Peter and Thomas

Not visible on the rear the Siemens R IV RX once built for the Abwehr



Hans Goulooze on the left



Raymond in interaction



Tatjana explaining her magnificent apparatus  



All auxiliaries are connected onto Tatjana's own created coding machine, implementing, for example: punch-tape readers and makers 



All invented and, of course, designed and manufactured by Tatjana herself



The most rare SG 41 ("Hitler Mühle") in top condition

However, only on display on this very day, since it had to return to its actual owner!



Towards the end of the day, it was the time for looking what others had to show and explain



I would like to stress: that I feel not comfortable being on photos so often!




Issued by Arthur O. Bauer, however, photos kindly provided by Gerard Vos.