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Secret Communications 2-2 web page


Status: 6-7-8 November 2016


Please notice: that due to local Council road works the Kloosterstraat has temporarily to be accessed via a slightly different route!

Secret-Comms-2-3 tempor-route


Sunday 6th Paul came along; and together with Wouter's man-power we could quite fast unloading Paul's fully packed van.


On the right-hand side we notice the TypeX machine, Britain's ' most secret' coding machine during wartime days and far beyond 


Facing in front, a dismantled TypeX machine; because it is also of interest due to its sound mechanical construction

We may suppose indeed, that hardly one in the world has ever seen this mysterious machine type in such great detail!


In the middle looking at the US coding machine, also known as SIGABA machine. Both the SIGABA as well as the TypeX could under certain condition communicate with one another. Right of the SIGABA machine the quite rare mechanical coding machine designed by famous Mr. Reichert


Viewing the German wartime- and post-war spy sets corner

The two sets on the right-hand side have been operated in wartime days; for instance by the Gehlen's ORG. This version most likely was meant for the French Secret Service.


This 'corner' shows on the left-hand side the British B2 and A3 spy sets, and the rest reflecting 'GLADIO' like gear from 1947 onwards ending with the last common set utilised by all western European states; including Switzerland and Norway


The top-secret-telephone corner has been completed


The further building up of our exhibition will be, Deo volente, concluded soon.


Please notice, that for security reasons, the displayed Enigma machines will not be left within our Museum premises outside exhibition hours! 



By Arthur O. Bauer