Secret Communications 3

Third day

Saturday: 7 December 2019



Marc is preparing the first generation of advanced "bugs" intercept rigs

Of which you find quite a range of gear.



Paul and Raymond in discussion just before the opening of our exhibition to day



Bart is preparing his Fialka gear; which he always takes home time and again



No visitors yet



The machine in front built in 1926; the next one in 1928; followed by on built about mid 1930s and next one built in 1944 for the GAF; then an M 4 sub-marine type and last Type K delivered to the Swiss about 1942



Viewing it from an opposite perspective 



Bart and two guests from Belgium, albeit one originally is Dutch



Kees, came along especially to surprise me, with whom I often have lively exchanges of, mutual, rather fruitful information



Kees - Raymond and Paul



Hans is listening at CW signals

For the first time the R IV receiver functions rather adequate; and CW stations, of various signal strength, being intercepted rather well.



This is where we always hope fore



On the right-hand someone from England, I might have once meat him before, though, where; was it in Berlin, in December 2017?



Karsten , Bart and Raymond, in the background Hans, end an unknown attendee



This picture is self explaining self-explaining



Self-explaining too 



"Bugs" searching mobile equipment



Wideband "Bugs" searching gear status 1970s



The Abwehr  receiver type R IV standby by, but the counter German espionage rig SE 109 stroked yet to transmit



Towards the end of the exhibition



Bringing the obligatory proof, time-and-again, that after exhibition - all valuable machines being removed to elsewhere





By Arthur O. Bauer