Würzburg (Wuerzburg) set-up, in our archives

Please consider also our new Wurzburg "radar repair report", which is showing the way it takes bringing our Würzburg to life again (late 2009/early 2010)

Our system is on display now in our new museum premises, since 2009

Notice also my book "Deckname Würzburg"

This photo was taken early 1990s

On the left we see an EAG 62 fine-range measuring display unit, its scale was calibrated in 10 meter intervals. The fine-range crank on the right hand-side, is marked CR in the archives displays in: ENG62 at illustration 7 taken from the same archives display though now more than a decade later. The character R on the front panel of EAG62/65 indicates, that the actual range-data (e-Messwert) was transmitted towards an EM* or "Predictor" by means of an arrangement of double servos "1:1 and 1:8". The three rectangular plates on the left, indicate in what mode this EAG62 was set (wired = geschaltet). The backside of each plate shows the opposite mode: FuSE62 D or in FuSE65(=Giant Würzburg, which had a double range 80 km, instead of 40 km). *Entfernungmessgerät

Next to it we notice the IF amplifier ZFV62 (Zwischenfrequenzverstärker 62)

On the right (right of ZFV62), we see modulator unit IG62 (Impulsgerät  62). Notice Rehbock for inside pictures.

The upper module houses(containing) the transmitter and receiver front-end SÜ62d (Urechse)*. On the right is the transmitter. Left of it is the receiver mixer and LO (local oscillator stage). The handle in between both units is for frequency tuning (setting) of the transmitter stage(Wismar). It is set somewhere in the middle, which should, to my memory, being about 525 MHZ. (notice Rehbock contribution, caption to photo number 6)  *This type is very rare. It covered Wismar Insel A to D and could be tuned (changing frequency between 570 - 490 MHz) within 20 seconds, the transmitter was phase-locked by means of Würzlaus (Doppler and/or MTI).

On top of EAG62 we see BG64, the remote control box of the artificial target Rehbock (FuZG64) (regard: Rehbock page). The indicator ANG62 is positioned here on the left-hand side of EAG62 (not visible, though see Rehbock, first illustration) The Rehbock artificial target is visible right of IG62. Consider for detail photos also curious archive displays NEG62



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