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Tocht de Malabar op

vˇˇr het trekken der kabels

Let us first consider, the mountain (Gunung Malabar) is a, what is called, 'dead volcano'

In tropical rural, bush like environment, everything multiplies itself vastly and grows extremely wild.

Before the Malabar project could start, the mountainous area must have been explored. Routes, mostly being small pathways, must be build. Bearing in mind the future huge antenna arrangement, which necessitated supporting wire constructions build in between both opposite canyon slopes. Great care was to be taken finding suitable strong-holds for the motor-driven winches.      



First the bush or forest should be cleared. Burning it down was the most simple way to accomplish it



What remains first is debris of all kinds



Passing an impression on an aspect of labour work

Often farmers 'tanih' were often employed. Not always was an equilibrium found between their own work and the demands of the Government.  



Viewing north into the Bandoengsche Hoogvlakte

(Viewing into the valley of Bandung, which is at an altitude of about 1000 m above sea level)



We have no idea who is viewing at us

That he has a European background is evident, as only Europeans wore 'tropical helmets'.



I don't know what the meaning of this photograph is



Laying the foundation of a section of the future ┤Radio Malabar Station┤

The first station concept dealt with a smaller main station hall, later its broadside was extended as to give room for the Telefunken transmitter, from our perspective at the far end towards the mountain slope.



Album page sheet 5


Nachtkamp onderweg

(Night-camp en-route)

This page is causing me headache, as many people were photographed and I have no idea who actually joined this trip



The staged email pans in front might carry Indonesian food

In contrast to Indonesian food served in Holland and likely other European countries, it is being served at environmental temperature, thus does not need additionally being heated. With one great exception, and that is the obligatory 'white rice'. Often carried in a ┤thermos jug┤.  



Seemingly, they are having their European style breakfast

In contrast, the Indonesians do eat for breakfast 'Nasi goreng' (frite rice)

Being myself in Indonesia, I prefer 'Nasi goreng' for breakfast!



Viewing the rural environment



I guess, an governmental building, albeit rural

Why? This accommodation is being constructed far too luxury. 'Inlanders' (Indonesian locals) live differently. Their roofs in the rural country side is often made of 'atap' or banana-leafs. Metal roofing was hardly found in those days.

Considering the maturity of those on this picture, no one will be alive anymore; as this shot was taken about early 1920s.



According an additional caption: Ir. Langedam in donker costuum

I guess, he is the one standing in a dark tropical suite on the far right-hand side. Maybe, the person laying on the ground could be Klaas Dijkstra; because there exist familiarity to a 1922 photo taken of him standing in front of the 'Grote Boog'. He joined the Malabar crew, to what I know, about 1921. But he was from the very beginning engaged with erecting the Malabar wireless station. Although, he first lived still in Bandung (Bandoeng). About 1923 he moved to the (medium) staff houses meant for personnel of Radio Zendstation Malabar.



Like a previous photo, we don't know who are on it



When the caption explaining who Ir. Langedam is previously, we may consider that the tall person next to the white dressed person with blond hair is Ir. Langedam

The third person in front from the right-hand side, is carrying two 'keris'. These magic, call it spiritual, weapons are considered often to bear magic power. But, also very bad fate!



Without further information



Album page sheet 6


Weer naar beneden

(returning to lower elevations) 



We sadly have no clue who have been: 'vereeuwigd'



On the left a free running mountain stream



In the 'Gunung Malabar' wilderness, viewing in the background a poring down mountain stream



Genuine caption: voor de Pasanggrahan

This is a hotel like facility, but meant for governmental servants. Even nowadays, finding accommodations in rural areas in Indonesia can be often rather difficult. Therefore, such facilities were highly appreciated. 



Who are we facing?


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