Bouw Radio Zendstation Malabar

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11 October 1921


Entrance road to the Radio Malabar Station

Klaas Dijkstra lived for some years in one of these houses.  



Juni 1921


Implementing this building in this photo sequence, is an example of inconsistency. According Klaas Dijkstra's book, this building was part of the receiving station Tjangkring.


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Juni 1921




Juni 1921

Bearing in mind the previous photos, I have no idea wherefore this building was meant. Apparently, the attached Telefunken hall left of the main station hall was yet in a premature state.



Juni 1921

Storage of HT transformers


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Juni 1921

Vooraanzicht gebouw

The left-hand side antenna tower being erected, but still not yet finished. 



Juni 1921

Viewing the construction of the Telefunken section. We likely are looking at the foundation of the Telefunken HF machine-generators. Its dimensions are quite impressive (heavy).  



Juni 1921

The Telefunken hall still in a premature state.



9 Juni 1921

Viewing the main station building from about north-west.


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11 Juni 1922




According to its caption, this photo was taken on 11 June 1922

A fact which I highly doubt! Please compare the last image of the previous album page (the second picture previously, and it becomes clear that this photo should have been taken before 9 June 1921!



7 Februari 1922

Grote boog

According Klaas Dijkstra, the centre section was once manufactured at the Dutch Indies Naval Yard in Surabaya.



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7 Juni 1922



7 Juni 1922

My guess, the lower section is meant for a concrete foundation, the upper tubes are made of bamboo and should strengthen vertical concrete casting construction.



7 Februai 1922

A gudang? Build west of the station building.



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9 Juli 1921

Viewing work done at the western section of the main station building.



9 Juli 1921



9 Juli 1921

Erecting the walls of the Telefunken section of Radio Malabar.




9 Juli 1921

The meaning of this building is not known. In the background again the Telefunken section under construction.



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Juni 1921


Again, this date is unlikely as in June 1921 the basement of the main building was not yet in this fashion. 9 June 1922 is therefore more likely.

Please notice, that the power lines go through the sealing which constitute also floor of the main station hall; at what side we don't know.



10 Augustus 1921

Battery voorcondensator onder druk

Pressurising tests. The date August 1921 does make only sense when this photo was not taken inside the station building, but somewhere else.



10 Augustus 1921

Fundering van de omvormers

In the background the main control panel, which was showed about pages 36 - 37. In front the foundation for the rotary generators. 


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10 Augustus 1921

Wikkelen van een spoel, 6 klossen tot één bundel, draaibaar op rails

The person wearing glasses, is, what Dijkstra phonetically named: Mr. Lazarus Potcognak. Please notice, that the about 8 copper cores are bound together to form a heavy one. Mt Potcognak is binding these together and at the same time insulating them as to prevent short circuiting. Please notice the way the coils were implemented in the system



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10 Augustus 1921




10 Augustus 1921

The outer walls and roof of the attached Telefunken building is progressing.



10 Augustus 1921


In the background we notice the Telefunken roof building.



10 Augustus 1921

In the background the roof under construction of the attached Telefunken transmitter hall. What the purpose of the building in front was we don't know.



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10 Augustus 1921

Likely viewing in the Telefunken hall, which is still lacking its roof.



8 September 1921

Again looking at the Telefunken hall under construction.



10 August 1921



8 September 1921

In the background the Telefunken roof building is becoming recognisable. 



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8 September 1921



8 September 1921



8 September 1921

Looking from the western canyon slope towards the Bandung high-valley. Please notice the triangle pond on the left, which must have a supplementary water basin, as, from what we know, the main cooling pond was in front of the station building. Maybe, the latter had more an  ecstatic function. This latter pond still existed, when we visited the site in 1994. However, there did not exist any building, but the concrete ground floor of the station building.


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