Bouw Radio Zendstation Malabar

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Het "Tygergerhol" (eigenlijk panterhol)


Haven't we seen this hut before?



Although without caption text, I presume that is concern the foundation work related to the main Malabar station building



This might be the 'tiger or panther cave'



Album page 8


Waterkrachtwerken voor turbine



March 1920

Wild stream, in the far background, the high plane of Bandung (Bandoeng)



March 1920

Canalising one of the mountains streams. In front an intermediate basin

That water is flowing fast through the concrete groove is not good visible, due to the camera exposure time.



March 1920

Viewing the water stream towards the intermediate basin. In the background the high valley of Bandung

The dates were edited later, not unlikely by Klaas Dijkstra's hand, but we cannot be sure entirely


Album page 9




March 1920

It is evident that this wild stream needs to be controlled in some way or another.

In Dutch language Maart equals March



Maart 1920

We are entering no the photo series dedicated mainly to: 'building' the Malabar Radio Station



Maart 1920

The photos are organised such that we cannot find a successive order. All is in some respect guessing



Page 10


Vijver als wateropslagplaats


Maart 1920

The construction of a building, whether it is meant for the turbine



Maart 1920

I don't know No further information passed on



Manually written Juni 1920

We may estimate, that the top text relates to this photo:

Vijver als wateropslagplaats



Maart 1920

The purpose of this building is unknown. However, we are look northwards in to the direction of the Bandung valley. Knowing the situation a bit, and considering the well kept road, I guess that it concerns the housing of the future Radio Malabar technical staff.


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By Arthur O. Bauer


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